The Newcastle Cardigan is officially for sale! Go to the Thread Theory pattern store to purchase the pattern! We can't wait to see your versions. Make sure to e-mail ( or comment on the blog with a link to your photos and we'll put them up in our Finished Newcastle Cardigan gallery!

 Beacon Hill Shoot-7


Quarterly Report #2 | Thread Theory

Quarterly Report #2 | Thread Theory said:

[…] was written on September 6th for the May 15th-August 15th quarter.  We started selling our very first pattern on May 14th and our official corporate year end will be tomorrow!  The last quarterly report was […]


CherryPix said:

Yeah! Congratulations….order coming shortly!

Rachel Pinheiro

Rachel Pinheiro said:

Congratulations …


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Rachel! And thank you for the wonderful feature/giveaway today! We really enjoyed reading all the encouraging comments on your blog and look forward to giving the Newcastle to your two lucky readers :)


ThreadTheory said:

Happy sewing :) Thank you for all your lovely comments and support during this process!

Quarterly Report: Now that we have three patterns launched… | Thread Theory

Quarterly Report: Now that we have three patterns launched… | Thread Theory said:

[…] now seeing as we have completed our first quarter of sales and are well into our second – the Newcastle Cardigan was launched May 15th.  I can’t believe how much has been accomplished since then! We have been absolutely in awe […]

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