It's been quite a while since I've posted anything about my ongoing studio 'renovations'.  I have been working on the Thread Theory studio VERY slowly when time allows and the mood strikes so there are a couple projects which are in varying stages of completion that I have yet to show you.  This week I flew through two projects (instead of finishing the ongoing ones...oops) and love how they turned out! IMGP4228 I stripped my cork board of the random business cards and boring lists that I had been pinning onto it over the last two or three months and made it into an inspiration board.  Now, whenever I am ironing I can look up at my inspiration board to be filled with the warm fuzzy feeling of looking at something beautiful (I think!). IMGP4252 I painted the board using a paint sample jar from Home Depot (those little ones that are under $5).  I picked the dark greyish brown colour we have used in our Thread Theory logo.  I bought some brass brackets to decorate and reinforce the corners as the board I have is very flimsy.  The brass was shiny builders brass so I sanded off the laquer and oxidized them a little by soaking them in apple cider vinegar and salt and then baking them at 450F (I did this twice before much change began to occur...even now they are only a slightly richer golden brown.  Apparently if you do this process thoroughly enough they turn green!). IMGP4237 IMGP4235 IMGP4234 IMGP4233 IMGP4242 IMGP4240 IMGP4239 Once the board was prepared, I gathered all the bits and bobs that I had around the house.  Really, that is the entire extent of things Matt and I own that are in some way pin-able and I was super lucky that they all happened to work together to suit the Thread Theory aesthetic!  I love the few pops of orange and yellow that match the colour of the Thread Theory logo. My next project was to update the wonderful thread holders my Dad made for me several Christmases ago.  The serger thread holder didn't really need any changes but I figured I would paint it since I had purchased some nice Thread Theory orange paint. IMGP4243 IMGP4244 The regular thread holder had a few updates planned for it.  My dad had made a huge amount of cross bars but only assembled about 2/3 of them when he originally made the thread rack since it was getting so large.  When it comes to thread racks, larger is better in my opinion so I decided to add a couple more cross bars to it.  I also decided to remove the rope system he had used and instead screw the cross bars to two vertical 1X2 pieces.  I painted the cross bars and stained the vertical pieces to match my ironing table.  I screwed them all together using brass screws to match the cork board brackets. IMGP4246 Matt was in bed sick with the flu while I was working on this so I was a one-girl work crew and thus ended up with a slightly wonky thread rack.  I thought I measured well but apparently I am far less precise with a power drill and screw driver than I am with sewing scissors and a needle!  Nonetheless, I am proud of how it turned out and am glad that it doesn't swing around on the wall any time I grab a spool or thread as it did before when it was joined together by rope. IMGP4251 The best improvement I made to the thread rack stemmed, I am very pleased to announce, completely from the workings of my own brain and involved no Pinterest what-so-ever!  I stumbled upon a roll of sticky magnet tape at Home Depot when I was looking for screws and decided to apply strips of it to the underside of each cross bar (I ended up using hot glue gun because the tape part of the magnet wasn't strong enough).  Now, whenever I have a partially full bobbin I can stick it to the magnet that corresponds with the thread colour above it!  Feel free to copy it if you are so inclined :D ...I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and bet it would make a great addition to any sewing studio.  I've already added a strip to my ironing table as well so I can stick pins to it instead of bringing my pin cushion with me from the sewing machine.  I bet it would work well attached to a tin lid if you store your thread in a tin or you could even attach it to the underside of your sewing machine table. IMGP4249 IMGP4247 IMGP4248 Here are links to other posts I have made about my sewing studio can see how many months (and houses!) this project has been spread over...slow and steady wins the race: First Post (The sewing studio in our old house.  You can see 'Before' photos of the thread racks and cork board in this post.) Sewing Table (Check out the tutorial of how we made the cabinets my father-in-law built for me into an ironing and pinning table!) What's your most ingenious sewing space idea?  Want to share any fabric storage pointers or button organizing ideas with me?
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the Garment Farmer said:

wow, amazing thread racks, and the magnets are genius for the bobbins. Great idea! I’ve been wanting a magnet strip on the wall to hold my scissors—I have a few pairs, and they get buried by projects when they are sitting on my workspace—better to have them off the table.

Constance (Santa Lucia Patterns) said:

I spotted the bobbins on the photo right away and wondered how you attached them ;-) Too bad I can’t copy this idea as my machine uses plastic bobbins…
Sarai from Colette had a few posts about organizing buttons, if I’m not very much mistaken. Maybe you like how she stored them.

ThreadTheory said:

That’s funny – so simple but so effective! Something rustic like that would suit the look I’m going for in my studio too :).

ThreadTheory said:

Nice idea for your scissors! I think that would work especially well for thread snips since most are light enough that you wouldn’t have to search too hard to find a strong enough magnet. I’ve installed a hook under the little folding table that I keep beside my sewing machine so I try to remember to always put my scissors back on the hook (that usually only happens at the end of a day of sewing though lol).

Jessica said:

thats such a great idea!! Ive been pestering my husband for ages and ages to make me a thread holder, so as a joke he grabbed an old peice of wood and just hammered in a whole ton of nails and gave it to me. It was just ment to be silly, but I actually love the rustic-ness of it!
That magnetic stip though is sooo clever!

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