fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-4 Well, the wait is over!  We've added the Fairfield Button-up Tissue Pattern to our shop. I hope that you are as thrilled with it as I am!  It is the first printed pattern within our new Cityscape Collection.  I'm working on the next pattern for this collection right now! fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-6 As always, the tissue pattern comes in a chipboard envelope (very easy to stuff your pattern pieces back into), complete with an embroidered garment tag and an instruction booklet. fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-7 A few days ago I added a video to Instagram which I shot while opening up the Fairfield Button-up tissue pattern and flipping through the instruction booklet.  I thought you might like a little photographed peek inside in case you don't use Instagram! fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-8 I love how minimalist and clear my sister-in-law (our graphic designer) has kept our instruction booklets.  My main goals for these booklets is to convey all of the tips, tricks and illustrations in as few pages as possible without them feeling squished.  I think that too many instruction pages can be just as overwhelming when you first examine your sewing project as too much tiny text on a page.  It's a fine balance! fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-9 The Fairfield is the first pattern to include instructions on how to take menswear measurements.  We also included loads of garment measurements so that you can compare them to a favourite store bought button-up. fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-10 As is always the case when we launch a printed sewing pattern, we are offering a discount to people who bought the PDF but would prefer to work with the tissue version.  Email me at info@threadtheory.ca with proof that you purchased the PDF and I will give you a discount of $11.00 CAD on your tissue pattern.  This means you will have received the PDF for free!  Proof of purchase can be anything from your order confirmation email to your first and last name (so that I can look up your order history in our shop).  The discount offer lasts for one week (it ends Sunday night at midnight PST). This discount is our way of saying thank you for financially supporting Thread Theory while we save up the funds to print our tissue patterns! fairfield-buttonup-tissue-pattern-2 Buy the Fairfield Button-up > Happy sewing!  
October 16, 2016 — 33363409


ThreadTheory said:

Not to worry Muriel! I’ve refunded your PDF order so you can go ahead and order the tissue pattern version now :). Select tissue pattern from the drop down before hitting the “Add to Cart” button. Happy sewing!

muriel said:

Good morning!
I just ordered the Fairfield Button-up shirt pattern, PDF. I did so in error!!! I was attempting to order the tissue pattern! How can you help me get the product I’d meant to order?

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