Today I've compiled a few of the really outstanding finished (and in progress) garments that have been popping up in the last couple weeks. I was going to post a parade of finished pants and shorts yesterday as a finale for the sew-along but I thought it might be better to wait until the end of the Kollabora Jedediah Shorts Sew-Along contest as I know there are a quite a few of you still steadily working away on your versions. Instead, here is a smattering of inspirational projects covering the whole range of our patterns (all three, anyways! I guess that might be too few to properly describe our offerings as 'a range'...but we have more patterns in the works so it won't be too long until the selection grows again!). First off, are Jana's amazing Jedediah Shorts which she completed as the sew-along came to an end (a miraculous feat since her sewing machine was giving her no end of would never be able to tell from the beautiful stitching on her end result!).  I love the hand embroidery she placed on one of the back pockets!  After seeing it, Matt is wanting something similar on his next pair. Jana used a black variegated linen for these with a great pop of yellow as contrast.  She added double top-stitching to the hem as per her boyfriend's RTW pants and she customized the fit of the pattern by shaving off a bit of the width.  I hope these shorts will get lots of wear ; I bet the black linen will look really nice and comfortable as it ages - I love how linen does that! Thanks for sharing these pictures Jana!  And thanks for following along and commenting on the sew-along; it was really fun to be working away on our shorts at the same time! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1236,1237,1238,1239,1240,1241,1242"]   Next up is Layla's Strathcona Henley!  She was one of our test sewer's for our newest pattern and she wrote a great blog article about her experience over on her blog, The Old Fashioned Way.  Layla miraculously whipped this up on short notice after her email sneakily sorted our response confirming her as a test sewer into junk mail.  I think she is a sewing super-hero for completing this in time to give us her two-bits before the Strathcona Henley and T-shirt pattern launch.  There is nothing I hate more than sewing to a's the only time I ever seem to break needles as I sew!   [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1248,1247,1246,1245,1244"] The third gallery of photos on display are of Erin's rendition of the Newcastle Cardigan.  Her blog post, complete with a funny story explaining how this first menswear project came to be realized, is over on her blog, Seamstress Erin. We've had steady rain for the last week and suddenly I feel more like sewing with cozy wools and sweater knits again rather than linens and light cottons.  Erin's version of the cardigan has really inspired me to sew up another version of my own (and this time, I actually mean MY own because I'm going to make a women's version so that I don't have to steal Matt's anymore!).  I love the purple and black knit that she used - it's drape really makes it look soft and cozy.  It pairs really well, I think, with the structured contrast shoulders and cuffs that she cut out of a heavy sweatshirt material. She took some great photos - I especially like the cell-phone 'action' shot!  Thanks for sharing a link to your post on Facebook, Erin!  I am thrilled to have seen your version of the pattern! (And by the way, I love your anatomically correct heart embroidery pattern!  I don't know how you find time for all your projects while working on your Ph.D. - very impressive!) [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1251,1252,1253,1254,1255"]   To finish off this parade, here are a few single shots that I've found around the internet.  Below, is an in-progress photo of Sarah's cowboy pocket lining that she is using for her Jedediah Shorts - she's uploaded the work in progress over on Kollabora so head on over to 'heart' her wonderfully whimsical fabric choice to give her a chance to win the Kollabora Jedediah Sew-Along contest! 33_photo-3   And last, but certainly not least is a Newcastle Cardigan sewn by a man for HIMSELF - this is the first finished version I have seen that has been sewn by a man - something that Matt and I really want to encourage through Thread Theory.  So we're stoked to have seen this posted on Reddit!  I really love the contrast band that he added, it turns the Newcastle into more of a bomber jacket than a cardigan which, I think, really works well with the silhouette created by the shawl collar.  For someone who claims to not be very skilled at sewing yet, I think his results are SUPERB!

Im not that great at sewing yet, but I finally finished my Newcastle Cardigan. - Imgur

Thanks, everyone, for sharing photos of your projects!  Seeing happy sewists sew up versions of our patterns is the reason I continue to love running my own sewing pattern company - nothing makes me happier than encouraging people to sew!  If you have a photo of your work in progress or finished project made from one of our patterns, email us the photos at or send us a link to your blog post because we would love to add your photos to one of our blog posts or slide shows!

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Sky Turtle said:

I saw the last guy on reddit. He’s awesome, you should totally find him and interview him for your blog!

Sarah - Fabric Tragic said:

Thanks for featuring my WIP shorts! The other projects are just fantastic! I love the pocket embroidery on Jana’s shorts! I’ll be cracking along with mine in another couple of days – someone is sick at my work which means I have to work the weekend instead of sewing – devastated! Have a great weekend!

Chantal said:

Very inspiring projects! I’m hoping to finish up my pants this weekend!

dandeliondrift said:

I have my jedediah pattern and fabric so I have no excuse for not starting…this weekend I’m hoping to find the time!

SeamstressErin said:

Thanks so much for sharing my project! As I said, both Adam and I are very happy with the result. Lovely pattern!

ThreadTheory said:

Good idea! I’ll see what I can do :)

ThreadTheory said:

Your jeans look superb! Your boyfriend must be thrilled :) It’s great seeing the Jedediah pants sewn up in a classic blue denim – what a different look than the linens and twills that most people have been using, I love it!
Thanks for commenting with the link. It’s so rewarding to see how happy people are with their finished sewing projects!

Alexandra said:

I just wanted to say thanks for making awesome patterns for guys! Short of Colette’s Negroni shirt, I hadn’t managed to find anything I wanted to make for my boyfriend, and so when I found Thread Theory my boyfriend and I were really happy!

I just uploaded my boyfriend’s jeans on to Kollabora ( and am honestly so proud of being able to make something for him that is practical, well-fitting and something that he’s really happy with, so thanks for the sew-along, because there would have been no way I would have dared make jeans without it!

You guys are the best!

Jana said:

Yay, thanks for the round-up, and thanks for featuring my (boyfriend’s) shorts!
I’ve just added pictures of the shorts on my boyfriend to my Kollabora project (, in case anyone is interested in how they look on an actual human being.
I’m looking forward to seeing more Jedediahs pop up around the Internet—so get back to work, ladies (and gentlemen?)! (;

EmSewCrazy said:

What a great bunch of projects! I think your blog is great and the product you are producing is wonderful and needed. Because of that I passed on the Liebster award to you guys. I don’t know if you do that kind of blogging thing but I hope it alerts more people to your work. The details are here:

Elena Knits said:

Hey, I’m a bit late. I finished them last Wednesday, took the pictures on Saturday and wrote the post today. Here you have it:

Thank you for this wonderful pattern and your help!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for taking the new shots! It’s nice to see how they look on him :)

ThreadTheory said:

Darn, that’s too bad you haven’t had the weekend to sew…I hope work went well anyways!

ThreadTheory said:

I hope the sewing has gone well this weekend! I look forward to seeing the results!

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Liz,
Your shorts look awesome! I like the nice bright colour your chose. It’s too bad the weather turned right when you finished them, isn’t that always the way? Thanks for your blog review of the pattern and for your encouraging comment!

Liz said:

I just finished and blogged the Jedediah shorts ( Thank you so much for producing such an amazing pattern with such great attention to detail! My partner loves them. Look forward to your future pattern releases!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks so much for the Liebster award! It may take me a while to fill it out as I did one last winter and will have to come up with some great new facts and questions! I really liked your random facts, they made me smile :)

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