Today I interrupt our Comox Trunks Sew-Along to bring you a rare insider's photoshoot of the elusive and very dangerous PEACOAT MAFIA... IMGP6746 Meet Will "The Grandfather" Whitehouse, Farrell "The Rosso" VanderRee, Clayton "The Boss" Whitehouse, and Matthew "Hitman" Meredith.  All are dangerously armed with Goldstream Peacoats... IMGP6762 ...And are not afraid to use them! IMGP6764 The Peacoat Mafia couldn't spare much time for a photo shoot - they interrupted things to make a deal: IMGP6776 And things just about went down right in front of the camera!  Weapons were reached for from their concealed positions in the peacoat interior patch pockets... IMGP6779 But I made them "an offer they couldn't refuse" and things cooled down... IMGP6804 I asked them to move closer together and crack a smile but Matthew "Hitman" lowered his shades and coldly whispered, "You talking to me?" IMGP6807 With that, the mob turned their backs to scope out their next piece of work... IMGP6814   And I escaped with my life only to become a "rat" by showing these photos to you!
April 09, 2014 — 33363409


Joanne said:

Great post!

grtescp said:

fantastic – the story, photos and of course all the coats!

ThreadTheory said:

:D Thanks for being the photographer, KK! I love the one of Clayton answering his phone the best!

Kayleen said:

Hahahahah I laughed out loud

mokosha said:

ehehe! just fabulous!

Meg said:

This is hilarious… and cute!

the Garment Farmer said:

adorable, and their coats looks so nice!

sewgrandma said:

Cool looking Dudes I mean peacoats. So I wonder if they would be as willing to model their “Comox Trunks”. That would cost you!!!!

gingermakes said:


oonaballoona said:


Roberta Fahrni said:

Great photo shoot!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! We had a lot of fun with this post :)

ThreadTheory said:

I already have willing volunteers for a post called “The Underwear Underworld” lol! Who would have thought!?

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