[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1015,1019,1017,1022,1016,1021,1020,1018"] Here is Matt looking dashing (I think!) in our photographed sample of the Strathcona Henley!  The pattern is out to test sewers so it won't be long now until it is available for purchase in our online store (in case you are wondering...before the end of the month...wahoo!). The henley is a nice casual top that is quick and quite easy to sew.  It is a great shirt for early fall camping and weekend mountain biking.  It can be sewn up in everything from rib knits (as I have done here), more stable medium weight knits, to woven stretch athletic materials. I sewed up this sample in the most difficult, unstable rib knit I could find (Matt and I just loved the colour too much to pass it up) and despite its less than perfect top stitching it still compares for tidiness and precision with several of Matt's go-to RTW knit shirts...so that's acceptable for this particularly unruly knit in my books! I look forward to making an athletic top shortly to display the pattern's versatility and have a tutorial in the works for once the Jedediah Shorts Sew-along is over that will explain how to convert this long sleeve henley pattern into a classic short sleeved (or long sleeved) crew neck t-shirt. By the way, as already tested, the Strathcona is great to steal from the closet and will likely become your favorite lounge-wear and night shirt!
August 09, 2013 — 33363409


Millie said:

I can’t wait for it to be released!

ThreadTheory said:

I guess you’ll have to make two :)

lisa g said:

can’t not can… haha

lisa g said:

this looks so great! can wait to make this for my husband! haha who am i kidding… this will end up on my side of the closet for sure ;-)

Renata said:

That’s a really nice shirt, and it looks like it can be sewn with a zigzag machine. I am loving your designs so far.

ThreadTheory said:

No problem! Thanks for the encouragement!

ThreadTheory said:

You’re welcome :) I’m glad they’re being received so well!

Amy said:

I just found your blog, and I’m pretty excited about the patterns you are making. I’ve dabbled a bit in sewing for my husband, but I haven’t found many men’s patterns that seem worth the effort. Thanks for filling that niche!

handmadebyjaia said:

Thank you for designing attractive menswear patterns! My husband and I thank you muchly!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks, I’m glad you like them! Yes – you can totally sew this with a zig zag stitch. I’ve included instructions for finishing seams with both a serger or a zig zag stitch as well as how to set up your machine to properly sew the knit you’ve chosen. I hope this will prevent people from being intimidated by knits as they’re so easy (but I know I was certainly scared to sew them for a long time!).

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