Tutorial-Contest-title It's the start of a new week and the end of another contest.  As you can probably anticipate, there were FAR fewer entries for our Tutorial Competition than our Girl Charlee fabric give-away.  After all, creating a tutorial is a lot of hard work and quite time consuming!  The ones we received though were absolutely splendid and I think you will find them really useful.  It's great to see other people's take on our patterns and also on the way they instruct and present a tutorial.    Thank you to the ladies who put in all that hard work - I look forward to sending off your prize packages! Today I'll present the winners along with a snippet of their tutorial.  The full tutorials will be presented in separate posts on the blog and also on our website in the near future. Useful-tutorial Entries for the Super Useful Tutorial category were required to fill a gap we had in our selection of tutorials.  Emily, of Dressing the Role, did this just that when she created her Fabric Covered Elastic Waistband tutorial for the Comox Trunks.  I had mentioned, when creating the Comox Trunks Sew-Along, that I wasn't completely satisfied with the way I covered my elastic waistband with fabric (for the maple leaf version of the trunks) and hoped somebody could suggest an alternative way.  Emily has come up with a really clear tutorial filled with really neat tricks.  Her writing style is really approachable, honest and realistic...something that I think many sewers appreciate when learning new techniques.  Congratulations Emily on winning a $50 gift certificate to our store, a Comox Trunks Supplies kit and some Goldstar pattern drafting tools!  Thank you for your tutorial! fabric covered waistband Beautiful-tutorial The next winner is Nicoletta of DiNuvole DiCouri!  She submitted a tutorial that explains, from start to finish, how to sew the Arrowsmith Undershirt.  She's included lots of photos and even goes so far as to discuss her mistakes and the learning process she went through.  So helpful!  Even though this tutorial could be a submission for the Super Useful category, I've awarded Nicoletta the Very Beautiful Tutorial Prize because she has also been working on another large project to do with the Arrowsmith Undershirt.  While writing up her tutorial, Nicoletta created a translated set of instructions so that the Arrowsmith instructions are now available in Italian through her blog!  She went to a large amount of effort to replicate the aesthetic of the English instructions by matching our Thread Theory colours and our instruction layout.  Thank you, Nicoletta, for making your English Arrowsmith tutorial and ALSO for making this pattern far more accessible to Italian sewists!  A $50 gift certificate to the Thread Theory store, two Thread Theory tissue patterns of your choice (you can request to be sent future releases), and a selection of my favorite sewing tools will be heading your way shortly! Arrowsmith11 I look forward to sharing these tutorials with you over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, be sure to check out both of these ladies' excellent blogs (Emily's blog & Nicoletta's blog).  Both are filled with inspiring sewing projects and lots of great tutorials! *Note: I haven't selected a winner for the Social Butterfly Tutorial category because we didn't receive any entries that met the criteria for this category...it you feel inclined to create an entry for this category in the future, feel free to send me an email and the prize pack will be waiting for someone whose tutorial fills the criteria! :)


ron jablonski

ron jablonski said:

Thank you so much for such a quick response. I checked out the blog and it looks great (I’m taking a break from cutting out the fabric as I type). Also, a big thanks for filling such a much needed niche. I think I speak for many people, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I think the styles you offer are a great boon to the women who sew for their men, and this small minority of men who sew for themselves. Looking forward to your up coming patterns.


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks, as always, for your encouragement and feedback! Happy sewing :).

Ron Jablonski

Ron Jablonski said:

Are these tutorals posted anywhere? After a break from sewing, I am charging full steam ahead again and am about to sew up a few more pair of Comox trunks. You mentioned Emily’s waistband cover was so nice, and I have search your web site under tutorals and sew alongs (and noticed there was also no hyperlink to the the tutoral) and hers (ok – just May June and July 2014). Is this info anywhere for me to see and try out? Thanks.


ThreadTheory said:

Hi Ron, sorry the post was hard to find – it is so easy for blog posts to get lost deep within the feed! Here is the blog post for you: https://threadtheoryblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/a-super-useful-fabric-covered-elastic-waistband-tutorial/ I hope you find it useful!

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