Today I have the first of three tutorials to show you (as a result of our Tutorial Contest).  This tutorial was submitted after the contest deadline by Roni Arbel but it is so excellent I just HAD to include it along with the winner's two tutorials!  Now get ready for an excellent lesson in both pattern manipulation and careful sewing as Roni teaches you how to use the Jedediah Pants to create an entirely different style of pants! ÖùàöëÜ1 ÖùàöëÜ2 ÖùàöëÜ3 ÖùàöëÜ4 ÖùàöëÜ5ÖùàöëÜ6 ÖùàöëÜ7 ÖùàöëÜ8 ÖùàöëÜ9 ÖùàöëÜ10ÖùàöëÜ11 ÖùàöëÜ12 ÖùàöëÜ13 ÖùàöëÜ14 ÖùàöëÜ15ÖùàöëÜ16 ÖùàöëÜ17 ÖùàöëÜ18 ÖùàöëÜ19 ÖùàöëÜ20ÖùàöëÜ21 ÖùàöëÜ22 ÖùàöëÜ23 ÖùàöëÜ24 ÖùàöëÜ25ÖùàöëÜ26 ÖùàöëÜ27 ÖùàöëÜ28 ÖùàöëÜ29 ÖùàöëÜ30 Thank you, Roni, for taking the time to create such a wonderful tutorial!  I love the design changes and especially love the single button on one of the welts - very professional! Expect more great information and posts in the future on Roni's new blog, Wardrobe Histology! Do you have any questions about this tutorial?  Ask them in the comments below and I will answer them for you. I look forward to seeing the trousers made using Roni's excellent instructions!


My Mother-In-Law’s latest Thread Theory sewing projects | Thread Theory

My Mother-In-Law’s latest Thread Theory sewing projects | Thread Theory said:

[…] do that in the first place I don’t know) who reminded me of a previous post by Roni describing how to modify the Jeds pattern to remove the yoke, and add welt back pockets…perfect! So, I followed those instructions, and also widened the legs from above the knees down […]

Midsummer outfit – Mitt Lilla Lejon

Midsummer outfit – Mitt Lilla Lejon said:

[…] of the ones included in the pattern. So the first thing I do is google for a tutorial, and find this perfect one on the Thread Theory blog. […]


dpcoffin said:

Very nice! %|%- a link to some pix that show how to make those French seams all around the pocket, plus my one suggestion for making your pocket stronger where it really counts (speaking as a long-time pants-wearer): At the ends of the pocket mouth. THIS is the only place I’ve ever consistently had pockets tear or fail from wear, and these tacking ideas from old-time custom pants-makers really do help. They’re done through all layers.


fabrictragic said:

Great tutorial! Thankyou

Seam Ripper Joe and his Sewing Machine

Seam Ripper Joe and his Sewing Machine said:

Excellent Welt Pocket Tutorial Morgan! They are my favorite type of back pockets to sew into pants.

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