IMGP0629 Hi! This is my first blog post for Thread Theory Designs, Inc! VERY EXCITING! I'll begin with a little introduction: My name is Morgan Meredith and my husband is Matthew Meredith. We are from British Columbia, Canada and are currently living in the sunny city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. You can read a little about us on our Pattern Store's ABOUT US page! There are several things that might be useful to know about us if you are to read my blog. Firstly, Matt and I are beginning a menswear sewing pattern company called Thread Theory Designs Inc. through which we hope to provide home sewers with modern fitting and aesthetically pleasing patterns with clearly illustrated instructions and easy styling options. Secondly, I LOVE to sew... I love finding the perfect fabric, customizing classic designs with thoughtful details, and most especially creating a garment for myself or for others that I know will be wonderfully comfortable and flattering to wear and will be completely unique and customized for the wearer. I have, in the past, posted finished projects on my personal blog. Here are a couple of the projects that Matt and I love to wear: [caption id="attachment_24" align="aligncenter" width="201"]Spring Skirt Spring Skirt[/caption] [caption id="attachment_23" align="aligncenter" width="201"]First Attempt at Menswear! First Attempt at Menswear![/caption] Our mission while creating Thread Theory Designs Inc. is a simple one: to provide the sewing world with patterns they can use to create menswear. Throughout my years of sewing I have been constantly frustrated by the lack of appealing and modern menswear patterns. I have managed to find a few great ones (a blog post on these will be coming next week!) but, overall, Matt's home sewn wardrobe basically consists of variations on a single button-up shirt pattern (McCall's M6044). We want to provide menswear home sewers with variety and with inspiring patterns that look appealing, provide a modern fit, and are easy to customize to create endless personal styles or to match current trends. Our first line, Parkland (available this spring!) will consist of the following exciting and versatile designs:

Goldstream Peacoat 250 Jedediah Pants 250 Newcastle Cardigan 225 Strathcona Henley 225

We envision them sewn up in luxurious neutrals and trendy ethnic or nature inspired prints that would look at home in B.C.'s forest and marine parks... We can't wait until our look book is ready to show you! To get a sample of the inspiration for Thread Theory designs, have a look at our Pinterest menswear collection. I want to use this blog as a way to connect with similar people - people who love to sew, people who support independent sewing pattern companies, and people who are interested in the detail oriented world of sewing menswear. Topics on this blog will consist of the following:
  • Discussion and research on menswear sewing and design
  • Information and connections with other independent pattern companies
  • Inspiration to use while sewing our patterns (techniques, inspiring designers and garments, trends, alteration/customization ideas)
  • Sewing project successes - mine and yours - I can't wait to see your finished projects!



ThreadTheory said:

I just checked out the picture of your bf’s jacket on your blog – wow it looks great! I can’t wait for you to do a full blog post on it! By the way, I absolutely love your framed sewing samples…I’ve got a whole binder of them just sitting around, is it O.K. if I copy your idea?


MadeByMeg said:

wow I am so excited about an independent pattern company for men’s clothes! i just converted a minoru jacket into a men’s design for my bf, so I’m excited that you removed that step for me!

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