Staycation (20 of 24)Thanks for your patience while I've been MIA on our moving stay-cation!  I ended up giving myself an entire week from Sunday June 28th onwards screen free.  It was so nice to settle into enjoying our new home and studio without the distractions of the internet and emails in particular!  I even removed Instagram from my phone temporarily and refrained from texting as much as possible.  When I turned everything on again a week later I was surprised to find that I hadn't missed checking Facebook or Instagram at all.  On the other hand, it felt really great to catch up on Thread Theory and personal emails this week.  If you had asked me at the beginning of my vacation, I would have told you I was dreading returning to emails and would greatly miss Instagram...very strange... It was wonderful to come back from our staycation to find that our holiday sale was a huge success!  I spent all of last Monday packing orders and spent most of Tuesday catching up on emails.  I'm still trying to catch up on a few small things and, while I have most of our Thread Theory boxes unpacked, I have quite a bit more organizing to do in the studio.  I'll keep puttering on this over the weekend and will be ready to launch into developing more patterns starting on this coming Monday.  Exciting! We are loving our new house and yard.  The house we are renting is on two acres with many old fruit trees which I have been marveling at daily as the fruit grows.  My family and Matt's family have both been spending lots of time here helping us get settled in.  Here are a few photos from my week long stay-cation and of the new studio! Priority number one was creating a fenced side yard for our dog, Luki.Staycation (5 of 24)He happily spends most of his day out there basking in the sun and watching the horse in the neighbor's paddock. Staycation (3 of 24) Of course, as far as priorities go, the Thread Theory office and sewing room were not far behind our fence building efforts!  My friend Nicole helped me set up the majority of the sewing room and I spent a few hot afternoons tucked away in my nice cool office getting things sorted. Staycation (13 of 24) Staycation (15 of 24) Last weekend I tore myself away from my unpacking to spend a hot but very enjoyable weekend with my family riding around the Cowichan Valley on a bike tour of the many vineyards Staycation (19 of 24) The Cowichan Valley is a couple hours south of us on Vancouver Island.  The ride was in support of the MS society and was a pretty big accomplishment for us considering the extreme heat we were riding in! Staycation (21 of 24) We rode approximately 53 or 54 kilometers the first day and 33 kilometers the second day. on our second day, we were riding under eerily orange skies and falling ash due to the huge wildfires that have been burning all over British Columbia. Staycation (23 of 24) Matt and I planned a house warming party that took place this Wednesday.  Matt's parents arrived on Sunday to visit and help us host the party but, just as they arrived and as I got home from my weekend bike ride, Matt was called out to fight his very first wildfire! He has been away in Sprout Lake (fairly near where I had been biking) ever since.  I just heard word that he will be arriving home safe and sound this evening! Even without Matt around, his parents and I got lots of work done on the property this last week, including building a gate for Luki's fenced area (Rick built it with old cedar from on the property!). Staycation (6 of 24)Staycation (7 of 24) Matt was greatly missed at the housewarming party (and throughout the week in the Thread Theory studio). Staycation (9 of 24)Staycation (11 of 24) All the guests are gone now and things are settling down to normal routines.  I look forward to updating you as I continue to work on setting up my studio space and, of course, I can't wait to complete our next two patterns!
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Tammy said:

Congrats on the bike ride for MS and the new location! We’re all greatful for the courage and skill of firefighters. Here’s wishing Thread Theory continued success.

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you! Well, if you ever make it to Vancouver, be sure to pop over to Vancouver Island so that you can see all the amazing sights here!

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, I’ll be hosting a second screen printing evening fairly soon! Can’t wait for you to see the place :). I’m totally immersed in gardening right now!

I Heart Stitch Art said:

New house looks great! Must be so fun settling in. Unpacking is always more fun than packing. Hope we can visit soon!

michelenel said:

Congratulations on the new house and all the wonderful work you’ve been doing. I wish you great happiness in your new place and every success in your new office. Vancouver is high on my list of places to visit when we come see our family in Saskatoon – one of these years when we have the funds ?

Sam said:

Well done on the bike ride and new studio/sewing cave :) it is winter over here but your pics of the fires are a reminder for me of our terrible summer bushfires in Australia:(

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you very much!

ThreadTheory said:

I am glad that such horrible forest fires are not this common on our part of Vancouver Island. It is shocking how much can be destroyed so quickly…

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