It's so exciting to see the photos that have been added daily to #makemenswear.  Thanks for participating!  I hope you've found the hashtag inspirational. Head here to read more about the #makemenswear contest.  There is still time to enter the giveaway since it ends on November 1st.  Each entry added to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be counted (even if you add the same photo to all three social media platforms, all three photos would be counted as three separate entries for simplicity).  Also, you might want to add #makemenswear to photos that you posted in the past - these will still count as an entry! Most people have been using the hashtag on Instagram so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from there in case you are not an Instagram user:   I look forward to seeing many more photos added to #makemenswear! We've also received some great emails lately from people wanting to share their finished projects with us (the best kind of email)!  Here are a few recent ones: Strathcona with lengthened t-shirt sleeves This Strath features lengthened short sleeves to suit Steve's preference.  It is sewn in a beautiful merino wool by Sonia for her husband.  See more on Sonia's blog. Jedediah Pants with decorative topstitching I love the subtle decorative topstitching on the pockets of these Jeds (click on the photo to see a larger version if you can't see the detail).  Natasha is doing a Sewing For Men theme on her blog at the moment and recently posted photos of three pairs of Jedediah Pants that she made along with details about the learning process. Newcastle Jacket I love this Newcastle that Bego emailed to me.  She sewed it as a 'test version' before sewing a final version for her brother.  She used wool (rather than a knit fabric) and lined the entire cardigan with a sheet.  She was so happy with how the test version came out that she's kept it to wear herself!  I love the patch pockets with rounded bottoms that she added.  I want one of these in my closet this fall!   Lastly, something that really put a smile on my face when it popped up in my email inbox! 10th Dr Who Goldstream Peacoat The 10th Dr. Who's coat!  Jo made this modified Goldstream Peacoat for her son who is a big Dr. Who fan. The coat is beautifully sewn and Jo reports that it was one of the best gifts she has ever given to him due to his excitement over it :).
Thanks for sharing your projects everyone!  Have a great weekend - I'm at an indigo dying workshop this weekend on nearby Denman Island so I know I will be having a great one!
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Thimberlina said:

The Dr Who coat is fab, he looks over the moon with it ?

Meg said:

Thanks for featuring two of my menswear makes!! It’s fun to have a means to see all this making menswear inspiration in one place…

Heather said:

I am in full making menswear mode so I’ve really enjoyed checking things out with this hashtag. Thanks for including me in the round up too!

Jamin Mahan said:

I’m not on the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but I regularly use Tumblr and have hashtagged my items there.

Happy creating, Jamin

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ThreadTheory said:

Wow! That’s amazing that he will get to wear the coat while meeting the 10th Doctor! So exciting :D!

Jo said:

My son is still loving the coat! He wore it 3 times in the last week or so for Halloween parties. He’s also planning to wear it for a local Comic Con in April that David Tennant(The 10th Doctor) is currently scheduled to be attend. Honestly, best gift ever and it means a lot to him that I made it. :)

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