I have great news!  This morning we will be receiving the keys to our brand new Thread Theory Studio!  Until now Matt and I have been operating Thread Theory out of our home. It has been wonderful working from home these last three years but it has becoming a bit less realistic since our menswear supply shop launch.  We have an ever increasing inventory to store and we have plans to hire someone to help me out with customer service in the future.  A professional space for Thread Theory is suddenly making much more sense!  I will introduce you to the new Thread Theory studio once it is all up and running but first I have a LOT of sanding, painting, building, packing and moving to do -starting this morning!  So in the meantime, let's continue with Coat Sewing Month by featuring some more of your stunning Goldstream Peacoat projects!   The following selection of gorgeous coats hail from Instagram.  I hope that everyone can see these photos!  Please be sure to comment on the post if they are not showing up for you. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAg2T2gQ1ll/ As you can see, the Peacoat featured above has had some very inspired alterations done to the design.  The coat has been lengthened (quite easy to do with our "lengthen and shorten" lines) and single welt pockets have replaced the patch pockets.  We added patch pockets to the original design because I aimed to create a design that was approachable to first time coat sewers.  Every seam, pocket style and step in the instructions was created to be as approachable as possible.  If you prefer the classic look of single welt pockets on a Peacoat, they are quite simple to add!  In fact, I've written a tutorial for single welt pockets that features measurements and loads of photographs.  I've seen a number of people post about using this tutorial to add welt pockets to vests and coats.  Give it a try! https://www.instagram.com/p/_megxCHZ7K/ I featured this coat on the blog last week (it's the blue one accented with a red scarf) but I really like this black and white photograph of it so I couldn't resist including it again this week :).  Seeing the coat in black and white makes the design details really stand out.  Doesn't that collar look dramatic? https://www.instagram.com/p/9yyL8AoGvC/ This soft, snuggly and cozy looking Peacoat makes me want to wear it like a cocoon while I sip hot chocolate in a snow storm!  It is a great example of how fabric choice and less inner structure can really change the look of a Peacoat.  I have been reading about 'soft tailoring' and 'hard tailoring' recently.  Soft tailoring results in a garment that works with the body as a source of structure and hard tailoring results in a garment that contains all of the structure it needs for very crisp results.  Both types of tailoring are equally respected though many people personally prefer one over the other.  I think most wardrobes would benefit from one 'soft' and one 'hard' Peacoat - but maybe I'm biased because I have run out of people in my family to sew Goldstreams for and am now sewing a second one for Matt :P. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAffYf6sVCJ/?taken-by=pauline_l11 Lastly, here's a beautiful detail shot to finish off this series of inspiring photos!  Plaid and epaulets are an ideal match.   Thanks for sharing your Goldstream Peacoats on Instagram!  Don't forget to add #makemenswear and #goldstreampeacoat
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Blanka said:

Goldstream peacoat is a fantastic sewing project. I am currently sewing it during my sewing lessons so I will send the photo of finished coat as soon as it is done.

PsychicKathleen said:

Beautiful coats! I love to read and see what men are making. My husband took sewing classes with me last year but alas stopped because he had a serious “fail” and got discouraged. I blame myself since I was responsible for setting him up to make something that was difficult at the best of times! I’m hoping he’ll be lured back and I’ll make sure he sees these photos for a start :) Your pics didn’t show up in the email newsletter but when I arrived at this page they appear fine.

ThreadTheory said:

Oh neat! I hope it is coming along well. I can’t wait to see it!

ThreadTheory said:

Ok, that’s interesting! I’m glad they are visible when you click the link to view the original post. Thanks for the feedback!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for the feedback about the photos – so strange because I added them to the post all in the same manner! I’m glad you clicked through to see them :)

Margery said:

The only photo that shows up is the last one. I clicked and linked to the original post and saw them there.
This is a terrific coat, very classic.

Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) said:

These are great! I can’t see the photos on Boglovin’, which is what I use as my blog reader, but if I click the link to view the original post (which is no big deal to do), they show up fine.

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