I'm always so amazed by the time and thought that you put into your menswear sewing projects.  Most commonly, our customers sew our patterns for a family member (rather than themselves) so it is heartwarming to see the love put into the projects that you make for your significant others, sons, fathers, and friends! Shelock Coat - the Goldstream Peacoat Just recently, Blanka emailed photos of this spot-on rendition of the famous Peacoat from BBC Sherlock.  She used our Goldstream Peacoat pattern as her base and adjusted it in numerous ways to capture all of the stylish details found in Sherlock's iconic coat.  Check out that inverted box pleat along centre back!  And the nicely structured collar which really is the essence Sherlock's suave style.  This Peacoat truly was a labour of love - Blanka sewed it over several months for her boyfriend.  She carefully sourced the best materials from around the world (she is based in the Czech Republic and patiently waited for Gutterman Gimp thread to arrive from the UK so she could hand sew all of the buttonholes!). SarahBrezina wedding Jedediah and Fairfield Sarah emailed me with this excellent photo of her and her husband at her brother's wedding recently.  They are wearing co-coordinating handmade outfits!  Sarah is wearing a glamorous version of the Sewaholic Davie Dress and her husband is sporting awesome plaid Jedediah Pants and a linen Fairfield Button-up.  Sarah mentioned that this is her 14th pair of Thread Theory trousers (!!!) and also that she expects to sew many Fairfield shirts for family members in the future.  Wow...she is prolific! Thank you, Blanka and Sarah (and all of the others) who have shared your Thread Theory projects with me via email!  Reading about your happy experiences with our patterns and seeing the pride on each wearer's face as they sport handmade outfits is what it is all about for me.  Email me at info@threadtheory.ca if you would like to chat sewing and share!   There have been some great makes popping up on Instagram lately too.  Here is a smattering for you to enjoy!  If you would like to see more, try searching a few of these hashtags:   #makemenswear #threadtheorydesigns #threadtheory #fairfieldbuttonup #finlaysonsweater #camasblouse (and any of our other pattern names).  Have fun!   https://www.instagram.com/p/BIjuaUXAv0Q/?taken-by=needleforthoughts https://www.instagram.com/p/BHtztUXASWg/?tagged=fairfieldbuttonup https://www.instagram.com/p/BHvM4eiDXED/?tagged=fairfieldbuttonup https://www.instagram.com/p/BIDYCMEgvkA/?tagged=finlaysonsweater https://www.instagram.com/p/BG1k1a-J2N3/?tagged=comoxtrunks   Let's finish off this post with a great sewing hack.  If you want to sew the Comox Trunks pattern but can't source wide enough elastic (or you would like to play with some color combinations), try stitching two narrow elastics together.  Narrow elastic is available in many colors in most fabric shops.  You might even be able to find some fun prints.  Excellent idea, Naii!  I hope your Comox Trunks turn out well! https://www.instagram.com/p/-yUCBNA3Vw/?tagged=comoxtrunks  
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Diariodenaii said:

What a surprise! Thanks for featuring me! Oh, he didn’t like the colour :-(((, but that’s fine, a reason to sew another Comox again! And there are many inspirations today! Love Jessie label!!

Alicia said:

Thank you so much for your quick response! I will go ahead and ask him to bring over a favorite shirt. His chest is broader than his waist. I saw your post on “How to Measure a Man” after he had gone home so missed some important points. That is a really great post. I look forward to jumping in and sewing for the men in my life. I am so great full for the work of indie designers in supporting those of us new and not so new to sewing. I really appreciate the sew along. It helped me to feel confident that I could actually make this.

ThreadTheory said:

There is certainly a possibility the largest size could work for him! The Finlayson sweater has a boxy, relaxed fit so it would simply have less ease for him and be a more fitted sweater. Do his hip measurements match the XXL? You might find it useful to try measuring one of his favorite sweaters by laying it flat on a table or the floor. That way you can check to see if the shoulder width and chest width included in our garment measurement chart is similar to the fit that he prefers. Have fun sewing for your friend! He is very lucky :)

Alicia said:

Love all the makes! I have a question about the Finlayson Sweater. I close family friend has agreed to let me develop my sewing skills by sewing a few things for him. He is a young man that has a 54" chest. I wonder is there is a way to make the Finlayson work for him?

PsychicKathleen said:

I was so impressed with all those lovely Thread Theory makes! WOW that Finlayson with a zip was beautiful and the matching couple wedding outfit was adorable. Love it :) I’ve made the Camas twice and love them both and plan to make more as well. Love your patterns :)

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