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Merchant & Mills Sewing Book

$40.00 CAD

An excellent volume to keep by the sewing machine.  This book delves into the fine details of sewing tools and techniques and then guides the sewer through a series of projects that incorporate all of the described skills.  By working your way through each project in order, your skills will build until you are able to tackle any project you might set your mind to.

This book is refreshingly unisex in both presentation and the specific projects that it contains and so it would be of interest to both male and female makers.  Projects include: The Calico Bag, The Tailor's Ham and Sleeve Roll, The Ironing Board Cover, The Hussif, The Maker's Apron, The Bolster Cushion, The Pillow Cushion, The Button Cushion, The Throw, The Document Bag, The Flight Bag, The Duffel Bag, The Tote Bag, The Tailored Shawl, and The Fisherman's Top.