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Striped Bemberg Sleeve Lining - 1/2 metre

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A high quality sleeve lining - this is hard to come by!  This luxurious pinstriped white and black 100% Bemberg lining has the desirable qualities of being both strong and silky soft.  It is a traditional choice for coat and blazer sleeve lining.  It is often used by bespoke tailors to create smooth and slippery sleeves that are easy for the wearer to take on and off.  A contrast lining is then used for the main body of the garment (such as a warm quilted lining or decorative print).  

This lining fabric is 150cm (60") wide.

Bemberg is a trademarked rayon fabric that is considered superior to polyester or silk as a lining fabric due to its breath-ability, softness, and strength.

Add this lining to a wool Goldstream Peacoat along with our Peacoat Tailoring Supplies Kit!

Fabric is listed by the half meter (ex. for 2 meters, select a quantity of 4).  If you order more than 0.5m (0.55 yards), you will receive your fabric as a continuous length.

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