Superfine Merino Wool Knit - Moroccan Blue - 1/2 metre

$18.00 CAD

A gorgeously soft and breathable natural fiber, this 100% merino fiber knit is the perfect choice for garments that sit close to the skin.  The fiber wicks moisture (up to 1/3 of its weight!) to keep your skin dry.  It keeps the body warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You can machine wash this fabric in cool water (with delicate soaps) and lay flat to dry.  Do not machine dry because the fabric will felt and it will loose its water repellent properties!

Merino wool does not aggravate sensitive skin the way other wool tends to, it is odor resistant, and it does not pill - this is an excellent choice for everything from luxurious tees to long underwear!

This wool knit is the perfect choice for our Strathcona Henley or Comox Trunks.

The fabric measures 150 cm (59") wide.

Fabric is listed by the half metre (ex. for 2 metres, select a quantity of 4).  If you order more than 0.5 m (0.55 yards), you will receive your fabric as a continuous length.

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