Jeans & Pants Essential Notions

$7.50 CAD

Take your carefully sewn jeans and pants to the next level using our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kit!  Choose between our antique brass or gunmetal sets.

The antique brass kit features a 7" Aqua blue and brass metal zipper.  The gunmetal kit features a 7" Light Grey and silver metal zipper.  This zipper size will work nicely with our Jedediah Pants and Jutland Pants patterns as well as most standard fly-front mid to low rise casual pants patterns.  The zipper can easily be shortened by removing metal teeth from the top end of the zipper with pliers.


Here are some details about what we consider to be the ideal pants notions included in the kit:

  • A classic metal Talon 42 zipper: Talon, founded in 1893, is the original zipper company credited with inventing the zipper!
  • A jeans button:  These are light and strong with an oak leaf design.  They are quick to apply with a hammer and their metal shank makes them easy to button through thick denim.
  • Rivets: We've included six rivets in each kit so that you can reinforce your front pockets and have two remaining rivets to practice applying to a scrap of fabric before punching a hole in your jeans!  Alternatively, you could use the two extra rivets to reinforce a small coin pocket.


We've written and photographed a detailed tutorial to help you apply your button and rivets and you can refer to our video on fly fronts when adding your zipper to your pants.

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