Wool Canvas Stabiliser - 1/2 m

$18.00 CAD


This wool canvas fabric is the perfect choice to stabilise tailoring projects where soft structure is desired.  It has a suppleness to it that will allow your wool coating to drape while preventing it from becoming misshapen with wear and time.  Use it to stabilise a wool coat front to create a bespoke garment that will last a lifetime.  Baste and then pad stitch this material to your wool.

This is the same material used to create the double breasted coat fronts that are included in our Goldstream Peacoat Tailoring Supplies Kit.

It measures 150 cm (60") wide which is very wide for an interfacing fabric.  This extra width is perfect for cutting large coat fronts.

Fabric is listed by the half meter (ex. for 2 meters, select a quantity of 4).  If you order more than 0.5 m (0.55 yards), you will receive your fabric as a continuous length.