Nostepinne - Yarn Ball Winder

$35.00 CAD


A Nostepinne is an indispensable tool used to wind center pull balls of yarn.  This tool was traditionally used in Scandinavia by women who wanted them to be so readily available that they hung them from hidden hooks in their skirts!  The Nostepinne was often carved by a young man as a gift for his prospective sweetheart.

To use these tools, run your yarn through the loop at the end of the handle to keep it in place.  Wind your yarn around the shaft to form either a cake or egg shaped ball.  Slide your yarn off of the Nostepinne and you will have a lovely ball that feeds out of the center hole in a tidy manner.

These lathe turned Nostepinnes are truly one of a kind.  Each one is created by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons.  They are created using sustainably harvested woods - some local and some purchased from ethical exotic sources.