If you notice an error in any of our patterns, we would love to hear from you so we can rectify it!  Please Contact Us to let us know what you have found.

Also, if you received an early version of our PDF patterns with blurry cutting layouts or blurry pattern pieces (before we began working with our lovely graphic designer, Sonia Bishop!) we would like to thank you for supporting us in the early days of our business and would be happy to send you the most up to date version of the PDF pattern that you purchased.  Please send us an email at info@threadtheory.ca with your order number included in the body of the email.

Below is a list of all errors found within our patterns that may interfere with your sewing success:

Strathcona Henley, Parkland Collection, No. 3 - Tissue and PDF Patterns - First Edition (c. 2013)

The first edition of the Strathcona Henley pattern had one mistake - the grainlines for the Neckline Band and Hem Band were incorrectly labelled.  The long grainline on both pieces should read "For All Knits" while the short grainline on both pieces should read "only for fabrics with four-way stretch." The pattern was initially released with these labels switched.  These two pieces should be cut so that the direction of greatest stretch extends across the body when the shirt is worn.  The Cuff piece for Variation 2 should also be cut with the direction of greatest stretch extending from notch to notch.

Goldstream Peacoat, Parkland Collection, No. 4 - Tissue and PDF Patterns - First Edition (c. 2014)

There is a small typo in the Body Measurements chart in the first edition of the Goldstream Peacoat.  The waist circumference for size Medium should read "81.2 - 86.4 cm" rather than "81.2 - 88.4 cm."  The imperial measurements are correct. 

Comox Trunks, Alpine Collection, No. 1 - Tissue Pattern - First Edition (c. 2014)

The first edition of the Comox Trunks tissue pattern has an error in the manner that pattern pieces 2 & 3 are cut and sewn.  Instead of cutting pieces on a single layer of fabric, cut 2 & 3 on folded fabric along with the rest of the pattern pieces.  In sewing step 3, sew the two fronts together with RIGHT side facing WRONG side.  Also, the diagram corresponding to Step 2 should be mirrored.  Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused!