Darning Mushroom and Needle Case

$36.00 CAD


This stunning Yew wood darning mushroom is an excellent tool to add to your mending kit.  The smooth mushroom cap will function as a backing so that you can maintain even tension while you darn holes in your knitwear.

Don't know how to darn yet? Use this mushroom as a needle case while you wait for your first sock to develop a hole!  The fitted cap pulls off to reveal a hollow stem.  Slide in your long darning needles or use it to store your hand sewing needles.  The base of the stem is flat so that the mushroom can sit upright on a shelf or sewing table.

Each darning mushroom is an intricately lathe turned piece which has been handcrafted by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons.  It comes with an etched signature by the artist. It measures 3.9" (10 cm) tall and approximately 2.5" (6 cm) in diameter (across the top of the mushroom).