Free Pockets for the Fairfield Shirt

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This free download includes instructions and pattern pieces for three pocket variations to add to the Fairfield Button-up Shirt pattern.

Create a versatile wardrobe of shirts using one base pattern, the angle pocket style that comes included and the following pocket styles within this add-on:

1. Pointed Pocket - Use this pointed pocket with both top-stitching and edge-stitching to add some textured detail to your shirt front.  This pocket would pair well with a solid shirting and extra top-stitching around the collar, across the yoke bottom and around the cuffs.

2. Rectangular Pocket - These large rectangular pockets could be added to both sides of the shirt front for a workwear look.  Try this style when working with flannels, boiled wool or denim.

3. Rounded Pocket - A stylish pocket option is perfect for a casual look on the city streets or a trendy look to wear on a night out.  The rounded pocket features a shaped facing for extra visual interest.

The Pocket Add-on package is available as an instant printable PDF download (sent to your e-mail).

PDF Package Includes: 

1) A detailed instruction booklet containing step-by-step instructions and diagrams 
2) A print-at-home PDF pattern on 3 pages (suitable for both Letter and A4 size paper)

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