Prym Vario Pliers

$27.00 CAD
By Prym


The Prym Vario pliers are a versatile tool to have at your sewing table.  They can be used to apply any Prym no-sew product such as color snaps (the kind commonly found on baby clothes and diapers), jeans buttons and rivets, eyelets, metal anorak snaps or countless others.

This quality tool features heavy metal construction and well thought out components to carry you through the steps of application:

1. Insert the included punch components to pierce through leather or fabric to prepare your garment for the snap/button/rivet.

2. Next, use the included lever to remove the piercing tools.

3. Insert any of the tools that come with all Prym no-sew sets (they all fit nicely in the pliers).  Squeeze down on the pliers and your rivet or button is beautifully installed!  No need for a hammer or a hard surface.