Rain Jacket Hardware Kit

$37.50 CAD

Everything you need to sew a rugged anorak style rain jacket.  Embrace the high performance West Coast aesthetic with reflective zippers, reflective shock cord draw strings, hard wearing snaps and a pair of sturdy toggles and cord ends that are large enough to manipulate with cold fingers.

Here are the details about each piece included within the kit:

Shock Cord:  3m (3.2 yards)

This is a professional solution for the waist and hood drawstrings.  It measures 24 mm (3/32") in diameter and features reflective flecks that will not rub off with abrasion.

Cord Ends: 6 ends (2 for the hood, 2 for the waist, and 2 for practice)

These little guys measure about 15 mm (19/32") across at their widest point and are 2 cm (3/4") long.  Use them to tidily finish each of your draw string ends.  You do not need any tools to fasten these to your cord - they pinch together snugly and permanently.

'Root Beer Mug' Toggles: 4

An excellent choice for jackets that will be worn near salt water - they have no delicate metal springs that quickly rust and seize.  They are a slim oblong shape that will sit nicely against the body if you are installing an interior drawstring at the waist.  They have an extra loop (that looks like the handle of a root beer mug) to which you can affix a grosgrain ribbon loop that is attached to the garment.  This loop stops the toggle and extra drawstring from flapping around (you can find this feature in many high end hiking and skiing jackets).  Each toggle measures 3 cm (1 3/16") long and 2cm (3/4") wide at the widest point.  Best of all, they look like tiny root beer mugs...can you see it?

Jacket Front Zipper (Separating): 1

These sturdy YKK #5 zippers feature rugged molded teeth and reflective zipper tape.  Choose between two lengths to suit the pattern you are working with:

30" - This suits the Hemmingway Windcheater (available in our shop)

26" - This suits the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Files

Pocket or Pit Zippers: 2

These 7" YKK zipeprs are a fun extra so that you can customise your rain jacket!  The reverse coils on these reflective zippers make them a very streamline choice for inseam applications (add them as arm pit "vents") or in place of a welt chest pocket.

Anorak Snaps: 1 Package of 10

Heavy duty snaps are essential for any anorak.  These Prym snap sets include a very well thought out set of tools and instructions that make installing the snaps incredibly easy.  These snaps are 15 mm (19/32") wide.  Choose between a brass or gunmetal (a cross between silver and black) finish to suit your fabric color.


Each hardware kit comes packed in a burlap sack.  Enjoy sewing and wearing your high-tech rain jacket!



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