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Sewing Box - A complete set of essential sewing notions

$60.00 CAD

A rugged storage box filled with an excellent assortment of nine essential sewing notions.  Inside the box you will find:

  • Dressmaking Pins: A small black box filled with traditional nickel plated dressmaking pins.  Each pin measures 32mm x 0.65mm and features a slightly rounded head.
  •  Hand-Sewing Needles: 25 assorted sizes of strong and sharp hand sewing needles.
  • Mini Seam Ripper: A tiny seam ripper that can be slipped away into travel sewing kits or sewing machine tool boxes. This ripping blade includes a protective ball-tip point and short plastic handle.
  • Tailor's Beeswax: A pot of pure beeswax, perfect for waxing thread so that it will be stronger and less prone to knots.
  • Brass Thimble: This solid brass thimble features an open top that allows for a custom fit since the thimble can be pressed down upon your finger until fully secure.  The needle is pushed with the side of your finger.
  • Measuring Tape: A traditional black & white tailor's tape.  This measuring tape features metric on the white side of the tape and imperial measurements on the black side.
  • Wide Bow Scissors: These tough little black scissors are the perfect thread snips to add to any sewing room.
  • Needle Threader: This makes every hand sewing project easier!

This box of sewing essentials is from Merchant & Mills, a high quality British haberdashery that strives to elevate sewing to its proper place in the creative world.  Their stark, practical and beautiful packaging, along with their carefully sourced selection of useful and classic sewing tools allow makers to enjoy the fruits of their labour just as much as the making process.

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