Wardrobe By Me - Fitted T-shirt

$27.00 CAD

The women's Fitted T-shirt features five neckline options, six sleeve lengths, and three body lengths. Combine any neckline, sleeve, and body length and create an endless number of different T-shirts.

Choose from boat, crew, scoop, deep scoop, and V-neckline, straight or curved hem, and from full sleeve to sleeveless.

Includes sizes 0-25 (30"-48" bust).

Fabric and notions: Choose light to medium weight jersey fabric such as single jersey, rib, or other knitted fabrics that include up to 5% Lycra or Elastane. Choose a fiber such as cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, Modal, or Tencel. The fiber will affect the fit of the T-shirt.

The pattern pieces have seam allowances included.

Wardrobe By Me is the creation of Christina who began her pattern line as a natural extension of 20 years of experience as a pattern designer. Working for a vast number of fashion brands as a pattern designer has given her a unique knowledge of how to make a garment fit well. Christina, who is from Denmark, designs Scandinavian inspired patterns meant to create a wardrobe of favorite garments, to be used and recreated over and over again.

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