Matt wore his brand new Peacoat out on our very rainy Sunday walk so I could snap a few photos.

The conditions weren’t ideal for photography but Matt reported being dry and cosy once he popped his collar!

Matt tended to wear his last Goldstream over a button-up shirt and jeans for a fairly casual look  in which the coat functioned as daily wear.

Now that we live in a more rural area though, he says this new coat will be his ‘city coat’ so I imagine it will get worn to dinners out, weddings, on holidays and the like. As such, I hope it will last a couple of decades at least!

To encourage the coat to wear well I have a few plans to care for it:

  • It will be hung on a shaped wooden hanger so that it remains crease free and the shoulder pads keep their shape.
  • We will be careful to keep the coat hung in a closet with lots of ventilation and space. It won’t be kept in the same closet as our rain jackets and grubby flannel work jackets as this could result in the wool taking on a damp, dirty smell in time.
  • I’ll tuck a block of aromatic cedar in one patch pocket to keep moths at bay.
  • Matt will spot clean by blotting with a damp cloth when necessary. I’ll also have him brush the coat with a suede garment brush to remove surface dirt and dog hair.
  • I will fix any tears in the lining before they get out of hand (speaking of which, I really need to repair the lining of one of my own blazers!).

Hopefully, by writing these care requirements down (and by having Matt look them over), we will commit to caring for this coat as well as we possibly can! After all, the materials are all high end and it was a labor of love. There is no sense in the jacket becoming worn before it’s time.

Perhaps our baby will grow up to wear it one day!

October 20, 2019 — Morgan and Matthew Meredith