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PDF Pattern FAQ

I have paid for my PDF pattern but have not received a link to download it.  Where is it?

If you did not receive an email with a link to download your pattern immediately after purchasing your pattern, there are two likely causes for this:

1. You paid via PayPal and have used an out of date email within your PayPal account.  Your PDF pattern was likely sent to this email!  Either check this email or email us (info@threadtheory.ca) from your current address so that we can send the pattern to the correct inbox.

2. You paid via PayPal using your bank debit account (PayPal refers to this as paying with an 'echeque').  It can take several days for an echeque to be cleared by your bank and your pattern will not be automatically sent until payment is processed.  Email us (info@threadtheory.ca) if you need your pattern sooner.  I'm sure we can help you out!

What do I need to get started?

To print our digital patterns you will need a PDF viewer. If you do not already have the necessary software, you can download Adobe Reader for free


I'm not very tech-savvy; how do I do this PDF thing?

It's really quite painless! When you complete an order, a link will be sent to the e-mail attached to your PayPal account. Simply click on the link and download the pattern folder. Make sure to save the folder to a location on your computer that you remember! Then, unzip the folder (right-click on Windows, option-click on Mac) and start printing!

What do I get with my purchase?

All Thread Theory patterns come with a Print at Home Version, Print Shop Versions suited to A0 or Roll Feed printers, Instructions, and a Read Me First file (can you guess which one to open first?). For maximum compatibility, our files are all in PDF format.

But I didn't get an e-mail!

Make sure to check the e-mail address that is attached to your PayPal account, and check the junk folder; some junk mail filters don't think very highly of our patterns!

I downloaded the pattern on my iPad. Can I still print it?

All of our patterns come in a zipped folder, so make sure you have an app, such as iZip, to unzip the folder! Then, as long as your iPad is set up with a wireless printer, you should be in business.

But I don't have a printer!

Not a problem! Our patterns all come with two Print Shop Versions which are suitable for print shops with roll feel printers which measure 36" wide (common in North America) or for A0 pages (common in Europe and Australia). Make sure to inform the print shop that you do not want any scaling - you would like your pattern printed full size. Most print shops do not charge very much for this service and it's very convenient - there's no cutting and taping pages together!

Does the Print at Home Version use Letter or A4 paper?

It can use either! Each page's contents are contained to a 7.5" x 10" box which fits nicely on both Letter and A4 paper.

Is there anything to keep in mind before I print it?

Make sure to turn off print scaling to print the pattern document at full size (100%). Before printing the entire document, find and print the page with the 3" test square. Measure this square - if it doesn't measure 3" print scaling is turned on and must be turned off on your printer settings.

My test square measures 3" but, for some reason, the top and bottom (or right and left) edges of each page have been cut off!  Why is this?

You likely have "Choose paper source by PDF page size" selected in your printer dialogue box.  You will find this check box near where you selected "Actual Size" or "No Scaling".  Make sure this box is left un-checked!

It's just a bunch of pages; how do I turn it into pattern pieces?

It's all a matter of cutting and taping. Check out our blog post with step-by-step instructions and sneaky tips!

Okay, I printed it! What size should I cut out?

First, measure the person you're sewing for. Then, refer to the sizing chart included in the Instructions.

Now what?

Get sewing!

Tissue Pattern FAQ

What do I get with my purchase?

All of our patterns come in a sturdy chip-board folder with a string closure for maximum re-usability. The instruction booklet is staple-bound and lays nice and flat while you sew. The tissue pattern is professionally printed on 8# tissue paper. Lastly, we include a Thread Theory garment tag for the ultimate finished product!  Have an in depth tour through our patterns by checking out our blog post on them!

How long does delivery take?

We process and ship orders within three business days via Canada Post.  When purchasing your patterns you have the option to choose between several shipping methods while checking out.  These can take anywhere between 1 to 7 business days, so choose whichever option suits your preference!

Wholesale FAQ

I have an online store; can I sell your PDF patterns?

Sorry, we are not accepting new PDF retailers at this time.

I have an eBay/Etsy store; can I make a wholesale account?

Sorry, we will only wholesale to brick-and-mortar stores or online stores with their own domain.

How many patterns do I need to buy to get wholesale pricing?

The minimum order quantity is 10 patterns in total per order and can be any combination of our available patterns.

This sounds great! How can I make a wholesale account?

It's as easy as sending us an e-mail! Let us know a bit about your store and we'll reply with all the information we need from you to set up your account.

Money, Shipping and Taxes

Are your prices in Canadian Dollars?

Yes they are - but we offer several automatic currency conversions - to change the currency from Canadian to your preferred currency, simply select the currency from the drop down menu on the top right hand corner of our website.  Please note that the pricing will revert to Canadian Dollars when you go to the checkout page.

What taxes will I be charged?

If you are from within Canada, you will be charged GST on top of the listed price of your purchase.  If you are ordering a PDF pattern and you are from the European Union, you will be charged VAT on top of the listed price of your purchase due to the new digital goods regulations that were put in place by the EU in January 2015.

How do you determine your shipping fees?

We charge the exact price that Canada Post charges you - the price is based on the weight of your order and the shipping method that you choose upon checkout.  We do not charge handling!


What languages are you patterns in?

Our patterns are all in English, and we offer free translations of our instruction booklets in French - and soon German!