Prym Jean Buttons with Tool - Gunmetal 20mm

$11.50 CAD
By Prym

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A set of 6 heavy duty gunmetal toned jeans buttons featuring an art deco design by Prym.  Never one to forget the details, Prym has included a plastic insert within the metal shank that serves to guide the metal post to ensure a straight and lasting installation.  Some handy tools are included with this kit to make it easier to grip the small pieces and hold them aligned while you hammer them in place.

These buttons are slightly larger than the other offerings in our shop making them an excellent choice people with larger hands or decreased dexterity.  They would perfectly suit sturdy raw denim work jeans.

All that is needed to install these buttons well is a firm surface and a hammer.  These jeans buttons can also be installed using the Prym Tripod Tool or Vario Pliers that we stock in the shop.