Tailor's Beeswax

$11.85 CAD


A pot of pure beeswax, perfect for waxing thread.  Waxing threads makes threading a needle easier, makes thread less prone to knotting when hand stitching, and makes the thread stronger when used to sew on buttons.  Aside from waxing thread, beeswax can be used to improve the glide of an iron and can even ease stiff drawers in old sewing cabinets!

To apply beeswax to your thread, cut a short length of thread and run it through the beeswax two or three times.  To press the wax further into the thread, either rub it through your fingers or press it with an iron (if you don't like the idea of coating your iron with wax, use a pressing cloth when you iron), protect your iron and ironing board by sandwiching the thread between a folded sheet of paper.

This pot of beeswax is from Merchant & Mills, a high quality British haberdashery that strives to elevate sewing to its proper place in the creative world.  Their stark, practical and beautiful packaging, along with their carefully sourced selection of useful and classic sewing tools allow makers to enjoy the fruits of their labour just as much as the making process.