Wooden Seam Ripper

$27.00 CAD

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This wooden seam ripper is beautiful to behold and pleasant to use.  It features a 3 1/2" (8.9 cm) long tapered handle and a strong, sharp metal blade complete with a safety ball.  Protect hands and other sewing supplies from the sharp metal point by using the perfectly fitted wooden lid during storage.

These lathe turned seam rippers are truly one of a kind.  Each one is created by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons.  They are created using sustainably harvested purple heart wood.

The blade inserted into these beautiful wooden seam rippers is made from very hard Japanese steel - this means that your seam ripper will not become dull over time!  It also means that the blade is slightly more prone to snapping if it is torqued sideways.  Wray Parsons firmly believes that a sharp blade is an essential aspect of a quality seam ripper (and we agree).  Since he is aware that his steel blades are hardened more than sewists are used to, he generously supplies us with extra blades in case you ever need a fresh one!  Just send us an email at info@threadtheory.ca and we will mail you your new blade for free - no matter how long ago you purchased your seam ripper or the antics your ripper got up to before the blade snapped!