Wardrobe By Me - Women's Boxy Raglan

$27.00 CAD



The women's Boxy Raglan is a classic sweatshirt with raglan sleeves, rib cuffs, crew neckline and hem band. The sweater is designed with two lengths, three necklines, and a short sleeved option.

Sizes included are 0-24 (30-48" Chest).

Fabric Recommendations: Choose a medium to heavy French Terry or sweatshirt material with optional two way stretch, and rib fabric for the neck, cuffs, and hem bands.

The pattern pieces have seam allowance included.

Wardrobe By Me is the creation of Christina who began her pattern line as a natural extension of 20 years of experience as a pattern designer. Working for a vast number of fashion brands as a pattern designer has given her a unique knowledge of how to make a garment fit well. Christina, who is from Denmark, designs Scandinavian inspired patterns meant to create a wardrobe of favorite garments, to be used and recreated over and over again.