Soldier's Friend Sewing Kit

$35.00 CAD

Wood Type

An excellent sewing kit to keep handy so that you will always be prepared for sewing emergencies.  Each kit features four bobbin sized thread holders and a built in compartment to store hand sewing needles.  These kits are named "Soldier's Friends" because they are modelled after the wooden sewing kits that were carried by French soldiers in WWI.

These lathe turned sewing kits are truly one of a kind.  Each one is created by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons.  They are created using sustainably harvested woods - some local and some purchased from ethical exotic sources.


Choose your desired wood using the drop down menu above.  Wood choices include (listed as pictured from left to right): Zebra Wood, Pau Ferro, Katalox, Maple, Purple Heart and Cocobolo Rosewood.


* Please note: Thread and needles are not included with this sewing kit.  You can find needles in our shop here!