Thread Wax and Pin Cushion Combo

$40.00 CAD

Wood Type

This very useful combination tool features a wooden base shaped like a spool of thread. On the 'spool' you will find a column of pure beeswax used to treat thread when handstitching (essential for strongly stitched buttons!). Atop the spool is a tiny wool-stuffed velour pin cushion. Use this cushion to store your handsewing needles so that you are always ready to attach a button!

 The wool used to stuff these tiny cushions is Vancouver Island sheep's fleece.  The lanolin naturally present in the fleece serves to protect needles and pins from rusting.

These lathe turned needle minders are truly one of a kind.  Each one is created by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons and come with an etched signature by the artist.  They are created using sustainably harvested woods - some local and some purchased from ethical exotic sources.

Choose your desired wood type from the drop down menu above. Choices include (from left to right): Yellow Cedar Burl (blue cushion), Yellow Cedar Burl (red cushion), Zebra Wood (green cushion), Yew (red cushion), Zebra wood (blue cushion) and Maple (olive cushion).