Our inspiration for the Haslam Hat was providing our sewing community with a straightforward, simple-to-construct, and easily customizable, winter hat.
No matter which version you make or what features you wish to include, the total sewing time for the Haslam Hat is just a couple of hours! This quick project is perfect for last-minute gifts or for making matching sets for friends and family.
Our instructions include step-by-step instructions on creating an optional pom-pom or tassel for the top of your hat and how to add ties. You don't need anything fancy to make these accents, but if you wish we recommend the Purl Soho Pom-Pom Making kit. Here are examples of other tools you may find at your local craft store:
You can also cut a piece of cardboard or simply use your HAND to make a pom-pom or tassel too!
We recommend using a medium-weight sweater knit fabric such as sweatshirt fleece, lofty French terry, or flannel with a slight stretch to make the Haslam Hat. For the lining of the hat, we recommend experimenting by using the wrong side of the fabric right side out for extra coziness and warmth on cold days. 
Using contrast print fabrics could add some fun and unique details to your hat as well. For example, using a different print or color for the top of the hat vs the hem band or ear flaps vs the lining.
You can also repurpose a ready-made sweater to make a Haslam Hat! See our next blog post on how to do that.
December 01, 2022 — Morgan and Matthew Meredith