On the final day of the Woodhaven Sew-Along, we will go over the steps to complete the apron and how to install and attach the various hardware details to make your apron unique. 


For each variation, we recommend adding rivets to the pockets where indicated for extra reinforcement. Depending on the rivet tool you are using there are several ways to install your rivets. Refer to the instructions that come with your rivet tool to install the rivets. 


Due to the bulkiness of the fabric at the pocket corners, it may be helpful to use an awl to make a hole for the rivets. 

 Make a hole in your fabric that is slightly narrower than the rivet stem. 

Following the instructions that came with your rivet setter tool, secure the rivets to your apron.

If you want to add more functional details to your apron, you can use rivets to install additional webbing loops for holding tools, towels, key rings, etc.



Similarly to installing rivets, you will want to refer to the instructions on the grommet tool you are using to secure your grommets.

The grommets we used from Emmaline Bags have a screw back to secure the front and back of the grommet, so the only tool needed to install these is a small screwdriver similar to the one that comes with most home sewing machines.


**Tip: It may be helpful to jump ahead and hem the edges of your apron before installing your grommets, depending on the size, so you don't run into any issues with your presser foot.


Align one grommet with the placement marking on the apron. Trace a circle over the placement marking that is the size of the inner circumference of the grommet.

Clip and cut the fabric away inside the circle to create an opening for the grommet.

Install the grommet according to your setter tool instructions.



Hem your apron following the order in the instructions if you haven't already.


After installing the grommets, it's time to attach the straps. 

*If you intend to add a buckle closure do not attach the straps to the chest yet

Cut the length of webbing roughly in half.

At the chest, thread the ties through the grommets and either create a large knot so the tie will not slip through the opening or fold and stitch in place to secure.

If you do not wish to install grommets to the chest of the apron, you can stitch the ends of the straps to the apron as shown in the image below.

Thread the straps through the waist grommets. Try the apron on a person or dress form and cut the straps to fit.


Buckle Closure

 If you haven't already done so, cut the length of webbing roughly in half to create two straps.

To attach the slider, thread the webbing through the slider so that you have a tail several inches (centimeters) long. 



Stitch the tail to the webbing to secure the slider in place.


Thread the other end of the strap through one end of the buckle closure.

Thread the end of the strap through the slider and adjust the length.

Repeat for the other strap and buckle closure piece. 

Thread the straps through the waist and chest grommets. Adjust the length at the chest and cut to fit. Secure the straps at the chest following the instructions in the previous steps.


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February 10, 2022 — Adrianna Aguirre