Cotton Fusible Interfacing

$4.75 CAD


This is it - the elusive cotton fusible interfacing!  This interfacing features a supple woven cotton fabric base (rather than polyester or paper) covered by heat-activated glue dots - the result is a professional-grade fusible fabric that allows you to support your outer layers while maintaining their natural drape.

This interfacing is a medium weight making it an excellent multi-purpose choice for shirts, dresses, and suits.  It is a great choice for Jedediah Pants, Jutland Pants or a casual Fairfield Button-up Shirt.

It measures 150 cm (60") wide which is very wide for an interfacing fabric.  This extra width is perfect for fitting all of the awkwardly shaped facing and waistband pieces on a single, efficient width!

Fabric is listed by the half meter (ex. for 2 meters, select a quantity of 4).  If you order more than 0.5 m (0.55 yards), you will receive your fabric as a continuous length.