Double Breasted Coat Front - Fully Constructed

$44.00 CAD


Elevate your Goldstream Peacoat project to the next level by stabilising your wool with a pair of beautifully constructed wool canvas coat fronts.

Each pair of coat fronts features four basted layers of high quality materials:

  1. The main base is comprised of wool canvas.  It has been shaped with darts and features a pre-drilled reference point along the lapel roll line to assist with the shaping of your collar.  The double breasted shape has been designed to suit a variety of double breasted garments be they suit jackets or the Goldstream Peacoat and thus it should be cut to fit your chosen Peacoat size.  It will be hand basted to your wool.
  2. The next two layers feature firm linen and horsehair canvas that have been cut and machine basted to the main layer.  These pieces stabilise the wool along the shoulder and chest to create a crisply tailored coat front.
  3. The final layer features wool batting that is thoroughly machine 'pad-stitched' to the other layers.  This lofty padding fills in the hollow between the shoulder and chest to prevent drag lines on your finished Peacoat.