Fouled Anchor Buttons - Set of 6

$14.00 CAD $18.00 CAD


A set of classic fouled anchor shank buttons perfect for a tailored Goldstream Peacoat or other outwear projects.  These dense, gleaming black buttons are 1" (2.5 cm) in diameter and feature a built-on shank that measures 1/8" (3 mm) tall. Each package includes six of these buttons to adorn your coat front. The laser engraved fouled anchor design draws on the century-old tradition of adorning British military Peacoats with buttons featuring an anchor twisted in chain.

These buttons are crafted from Tagua Nuts in Panama City.  Tagua nuts are a renewable resource that can be harvested with very little impact on the environment - the nuts are collected by members of high altitude South American villages once they have fallen from the palms that they grow on.  The collection of these nuts provides work for remote communities.  The nuts are then manufactured into the highest of quality 'vegetable ivory' buttons in Panama City by skilled workers and artisans.  Tagua Nuts (also referred to as 'Corozo') are renowned for their strength and density.  Corozo buttons can be washed, dried, ironed and worn for many years without risk of cracking, melting, molding or otherwise wearing.  When the coat you've lovingly sewn these buttons to wears out save them for your next big coat project!