Acorn Tape Measure

$49.00 CAD

A small satin tape measure cleverly disguised as a wooden acorn.  The smoothly swiveling stem acts as a handle to wind up the measuring ribbon.  The ribbon is screen printed with markings up to 24"/59 cm and features a brass pull tab.  This decorative tool would be a beautiful addition to your sewing box or knitting bag.

Each acorn is an intricately lathe turned piece which has been handcrafted by Vancouver Island woodworker, Wray Parsons. The satin measuring ribbons were custom screen printed locally.

These tape measures are created using sustainably harvested woods - some local and some purchased from ethical exotic sources.  Each tape measure is unique and combines two contrasting woods of various sorts (Zebra Wood, Cocobolo Rosewood, Yellow Cedar etc.).


Choose between a ribbon featuring imperial only or one that is printed on two sides in imperial and metric.

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