Interfacing for Shirt Collars and Cuffs

$4.00 CAD
By Pellon


This non-woven fusible interfacing is called Shir-Tailor and is an excellent tool to create very crisp and impressive shirt collars and cuffs.  The stiff polyester base provides excellent structure which can be fused to your collar and cuff pieces using the heat-activated glue dots.  This interfacing removes all drape from the fabric to create an elegant shirt that is machine washable while maintaining its 'freshly starched' appearance.

This interfacing is an excellent choice for button-up shirts such as our Fairfield Button-up Shirt pattern.

It measures 50.8 cm (20") wide.

Fabric is listed by the half meter (ex. for 2 meters, select a quantity of 4).  If you order more than 0.5 m (0.55 yards), you will receive your fabric as a continuous length.