Magic Clips - Small or Big - Set of 12

$29.49 CAD


Magic Clips are a great alternative to pins in that they can operate easily with heavy layers (no more bent pins!), you can sew right over them, and they increase precision due to their very useful marked tops.

These clips are built to withstand heavy use - they are constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel and plastic and feature a strong clamping action. They have been designed to open nice an wide so they can work well with bulkier fabrics. They lay flat and smooth on the fabric surface so they sewing machine foot can travel right over the top of the clip.

The small size clips would be very useful for most garment sewing including jean-making and outerwear construction.

The big size clips would be especially helpful for bulky leatherwork, bag-making, and could work nicely for thick layers of wool.